funding leveraged
for every $1 of local investment
local CO income
generated annually by affordable housing
local rental vacancy
and demand is higher than ever

Exceeding Standards

Housing Catalyst is a progressive developer of affordable housing in Fort Collins. We seek opportunities to transform and revitalize neighborhoods, knowing that our investment in people and places will be a catalyst for stronger communities.

All of Housing Catalyst’s development projects use both public and private financing. We combine federal, state and local dollars with private financing such as tax-exempt bonds and low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC) to secure long-term financing for each development.

Sustainable Development

Housing Catalyst is committed to designing and constructing our developments to conserve natural resources, reduce material waste and create healthy living environments. We have been a leader and early adopter of green building technologies. All of our new developments and property rehabilitation efforts are designed to meet Enterprise Green Communities certification standards.

For example, Village on Stanford utilizes a thermal solar system for its heating throughout the community. The community clubhouse has solar electric panel and a geothermal exchange system — it’s energy efficiency actually adds electricity back to the city’s power grid.

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