If you are already on one of our waiting lists:

  • Applicants will be contacted by mail at their last known address when their name comes to the top of a waiting list.
  • We purge our waiting lists on a regular basis by sending a letter of continued interest to all applicants.
  • Applicants need to keep us updated on their current address by filling out a Wait List Change Form for any change of address.

Policies and Procedures

Housing Catalyst is required to use the federal government’s most recently published income limits for Larimer County in determining program eligibility. Income eligibility is determined at the time an applicant comes to the top of a waiting list.

Maximum Income: Qualifying for rental assistance programs is based on your household’s income. Maximum income varies based on your household size and the income limit set per rental. Income limits range from 30-60% of Larimer County’s Area Median Income (AMI).

Income Guidelines for 30%-60% of Area Median Income (AMI) for Larimer County 2018 (based on the total combined gross income for the household)

Household Size30% AMI40% AMI50% AMI60% AMI


If you are a household of two people looking to live in a rental with a 50% AMI limit, your maximum combined gross monthly income cannot exceed $34,050. The chart above serves as a general reference. Each rental is subject to its own income limits. Go to www.villagesfortcollins.com for more information on rental rates for available properties.

Reasonable Accommodations

Sometimes people with disabilities may need a reasonable accommodation for our housing programs and related services. These accommodations do not confer special treatment or advantage for the person with a disability; rather, they make the program fully accessible to them.

Some examples of a reasonable accommodation might be:

  • an accessible or ground floor unit
  • additional search time for a Housing Choice Voucher holder
  • an additional bedroom for a live-in aide
  • a home visit to complete paperwork for an annual certification.

This list includes only a few of the more common requests. If you would like to request an accommodation, please complete our Reasonable Accommodation Request Form.


There are many organizations and programs throughout our community that provide assistance to people who need help. Some offer affordable access to goods such as clothing, household items, food, utilities and housing. Services include counseling, training, child care, healthcare and transportation.

The United Way and Neighbor to Neighbor provide comprehensive directories to community resources:

United Way of Larimer County 2-1-1
Phone: 211
Website: www.uwaylc.org/get-help/

Neighbor to Neighbor
Community Resource Packet
Phone: (970) 484-7498