Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program

The HCV Progam is a federally funded program that provides the property owner with direct monthly payments on behalf of the participating family to cover a portion of the rent. The HCV program provides quality rental housing for families, seniors and persons with disabilities who are earning incomes well below average.

People who meet certain guidelines are given a housing voucher. The HCV Program allows eligible families to rent from any qualified private landlord who accepts rental assistance vouchers. Participants negotiate their own lease and Housing Catalyst pays a portion of their monthly rent directly to the property owner, based on their income and size of the household.

Becoming a Participating Landlord

Participation in the HCV program is voluntary. However, many families in our community rely on landlords like you who are willing to participate. An advantage of participating in the program is landlords receive a contracted monthly payment, which helps promote stable tenancy.

The process:
1. The Landlord screens and selects a suitable tenant.
2. The tenant provides the initial lease paperwork from Housing Catalyst (HC) called the “REQUEST FOR TENANCY APPROVAL” to be completed by the Landlord & tenant.
3. The tenant submits the competed paperwork to HC and contacts the Landlord to set up a time to inspect the unit.
4. After the unit passes inspection, the tenant signs the Landlord’s lease and submits a copy to HC.
5. The Landlord reviews and signs the “HOUSING ASSISTANCE PAYMENT (HAP)” contract provided by HC.
6. The first rent assistance check is mailed to the Landlord.

Please note this initial process can take 1-2 weeks. Housing Catalyst understands that a quick turn-around is important to you and we work hard to expedite this process.

Read more information for landlords:

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FAQs for Landlords