FAQs for Landlords

Who do I call if I have a question or problem?

Call Housing Catalyst at 416-2910 and ask to speak to your Housing Choice Voucher coordinator. If you are unsure whom to ask for, simply provide the first and last name of your tenant and you will be directed to the appropriate coordinator.

If I take one tenant under the Housing Choice Voucher program, am I required to take more?

Taking additional participants is not required.

Who is responsible for paying the security deposit?

The tenant is responsible for paying the security deposit.

How do I request a rent increase?

After the first year of the lease, the landlord may request a rent increase with a 60-day notice to the tenant and the Housing Authority. The proposed increase must be reasonable and cannot exceed any rent increase on similar unassisted units.

Can I evict a problem tenant?

As with any other tenant, the landlord may evict a Housing Choice Voucher tenant by following the state and local laws for eviction.

When will I receive the rent?

Upon the initial start of the lease, there may be a 15-30 day delay before receiving the first rental assistance check. After the initial check, the landlord will receive a check on the first of each month. The tenant will pay their portion of the rent as stated in the landlord’s lease agreement.