A waitlist is maintained for the Wellington Public Housing Program. It is currently CLOSED to new applicants.

Wellington Public Housing rentals are located in Wellington, Colorado. We have 42 rentals with 14 of those designated for seniors only. Most of our homes at Wellington Public Housing are duplexes and fourplexes, with the exception of two single-family homes. Preference is given to applicants who live in Wellington at the time of application.

Proposed Change from Public Housing to Housing Vouchers

Housing Catalyst administers and oversees Wellington Housing Authority’s (WHA) Public Housing portfolio. The federal money for public housing has been dwindling over the last 10 years, leaving us with insufficient money to improve our public housing. Housing Catalyst has assisted the Wellington Housing Authority Board of Commissioners in exploring ways to deal with this financial situation. The best solution is a program called Section 18. This program will allow us to find other sources for funding that we can use to renovate Wellington’s public housing and possibly expand the affordable housing there.

The public housing assistance will change to project-based voucher rental assistance. The vouchers will be connected to each home, so a household living in that home will receive rent assistance. Households will need to comply with income-eligibility requirements. This eligibility determination is in process now.

A public meeting was held in May to discuss these proposed changes.
A video of the May meeting is available by clicking here.