Impala Redevelopment Project

Housing Catalyst is in the early stages of redeveloping several properties off of Impala Drive. The project will include the current Village on Impala as well as connected properties that are currently under HUD review for disposition approval.

The Impala redevelopment project aligns with Housing Catalyst’s goals to expand access to affordable homes, as well as the City of Fort Collins’s affordable housing goals. The project will not only preserve existing affordable homes, it will more than double the number of affordable homes available in this community.

Design goals include promoting health and connectivity within the community. The design brings in open space to balance housing capacity in a suburban context.


Planning and Design
2022 & 2023

Construction Begins
Summer 2023

Construction Completed
Fall 2024

Village on Impala Renovation

Renovations to the current Village on Impala duplexes will offer improved efficiency – reducing energy consumption, lowering utility costs for residents, and lowering maintenance costs for the community.

Planned improvements include:

  • Exterior Maintenance and Repairs
  • Finish and Appliance Upgrades
  • Maintenance of Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Accessibility and Efficiency Improvements

Village on Impala Resident Feedback

We want to hear from residents of the Village on Impala! Please let us know what you like about your current home and community, and what you would like to see change in the renovation.

Village on Impala Resident Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

There is not an exact date, but the project is expected to start in Summer of 2023.

The 11 single family homes located at 306 Impala Circle will be redeveloped into 56 brand new affordable homes. This will be a mix of apartments and townhomes. The site will also include new resident amenities that will be available to you including a clubhouse, grill, outdoor recreation spaces, and connectivity paths. The property located at 2240 W. Mulberry will be redeveloped into a single building with 6 apartments.

The final scope of work has not been determined. At this stage, we have discussed exterior building repair and replacements, heating and cooling systems servicing and replacements, interior finish upgrades, appliance upgrades, and improvements for accessibility and efficiency. We are still in the early stages of the planning process and want to hear from you regarding the priority renovation items.

Relocation requirements have not been determined. We are still deciding what the renovation work will include, which will dictate if any temporary relocation will be necessary. Housing Catalyst will provide more information when available.

Yes, the addresses at 400 Impala Circle will remain the same.

No. The access from Mulberry to Impala Circle will remain non-vehicular.

No. Rent increases will not occur because of the renovation.

A traffic study has been prepared by a professional traffic engineer. The report determined that there will not be significant traffic impacts to the area and the required parking will be provided on-site for the new residences.

Public Housing Disposition and Redevelopment

The Impala public housing sites currently include 11 single family homes and 13 duplexes. The redevelopment will net 49 new affordable homes as well as more community space. The planned community would feature:

  •  86 affordable homes
    • 12 duplexes (rehab of existing homes)
    • 62 apartments/townhomes (redevelopment of 11 single family homes and 1 duplex)
  • Community center/clubhouse
  • Active green space and playground
  • Connectivity paths
  • Accessibility and efficiency improvements
Birdseye view of planned Impala community

Contact Us

Please reach out to our project contacts with any questions you may have about the Impala redevelopment.

For general construction information:

Nichole Rex
Senior Project Manager
(970) 416-2910
[email protected]

For property information:

Misti Gonzales
Property Manager
(970) 286-2145
[email protected]

For maintenance requests:

(970) 416-2092