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Housing Catalyst (HC) strives to increase the availability of affordable housing in and near the City of Fort Collins.  One way HC does this is through public/private partnerships.  HC brings many benefits to these partnerships, including fee waivers, low-interest rate financing, tax exemption, and property management and human services expertise.

For those wishing to apply for resources through HC, below is a list of the minimum criteria. Applications will be reviewed for potential partnerships with public, private, and/or nonprofit entities, as well as for housing development opportunities to be undertaken by HC or Villages, Ltd., a related but separate entity.

HC will review requests in regard to our mission and will prudently consider whether by virtue of our participation a project or outcome is strengthened without weakening the ability of HC to further its core work.

Criteria include but are not limited to:

  • Whether a proposed project includes households that earn 30-50% of Area Median Income
    (AMI) on rental projects, or 80% and below AMI for homeownership projects.
  • How HC resources will increase benefit to low-income households, through increased
    number of affordable units, lower housing costs, or both, and/or access to support services.
  • Market information as determined by HC which shows demand for the proposed project.
  • Long-term affordability, with a preference for projects that achieve permanent affordability.
  • Opportunity for ownership by the HC, and/or HC buy-out options after any initial
    equity investor period of compliance in the case of a Low Income Housing Tax Credit
  • Does the proposal demonstrate development capacity, experience and commitment to the
    targeted population?
  • To what extent will HC share in the developer fee?
  • What is the project proximity to employment, transportation, schools, retail, and recreation?
  • Role of HC in the long-term management of the project, including the opportunity to
    earn a reasonable management fee.
  • Degree and nature of risk for HC.
  • Degree to which HC’s ownership interest is commensurate with the financial benefits it
    brings to the project.
  • Projects in which all or a portion of the units are designed to serve special needs population
    such as the elderly or persons with disabilities may receive special consideration.