People are at the core of all that we do. Though every business needs to pay attention to the bottom line, for Housing Catalyst the bottom line is about the people we help and the community we strengthen as a result.

A home with an affordable rent is a stepping stone. To help residents take the next step, Housing Catalyst provides targeted programs and services that help improve the community one resident at a time. Through coaching and education, residents learn skills and are supported in making their dreams of stability and hope a reality.

Housing Catalyst provides services to residents through several means including the JumpStart Program, onsite programming, and crisis intervention.

JumpStart Program

Formerly known as the Family Self-Sufficiency Program, The JumpStart Program is for people who receive rental assistance through housing vouchers or reside in our public housing rentals. It is designed to help families gain education and career skills to move toward self-sufficiency. Through case management, the program provides life-skills guidance and linkages to network service providers.

About JumpStart

It’s hard to get ahead when all you can see are roadblocks like insufficient childcare, lack of transportation, medical issues and overdue bills. The JumpStart program provides regular, ongoing support and resources to clear your path and reach your goals.

Ignite your potential with:

  • Continuous, personalized support
  • Career/vocational coaching
  • Help with education goals
  • Debt reduction and credit repair
  • Resources for childcare and transportation
  • Connections to job training and employment opportunities
  • Incentives to save money and build security for you and your family
  • Contact a JumpStart Coordinator by calling 970-416-2910.

Onsite Resident Services

Housing Catalyst brings onsite programs to residents at several of its communities. We tailor programs directly to resident needs and coordinate classes and workshops from a central location, keeping staffing costs lower. These include educational opportunities, various community services, and social activities designed to build community.

Examples include:
  • Weekly Kids’ Club where children can come to learn and create. This year we are working with the food bank to provide free healthy lunches and/or snacks to the children of our community.
  • Educational classes: budgeting, tax preparation, tutoring for children, community gardening, crafting and CSU extension classes on healthy cooking and nutrition
  • Safety seminars: self-defense classes and Fort Collins Police seminars on safe neighborhoods
  • Community building events: monthly movie nights, Neighborhood Night Out event, pot-luck dinners, holiday parties
  • Education Days: the local community college and university come on-site to provide information on enrollment and financial aid.

In addition to the educational benefits, these activities and events all help the residents get to know one another and then look out for each other. The strengthening of these community bonds creates a sense of pride and respect for the community and results in a safer environment for all.

Crisis Intervention

Staff is available to help families get the help they need in the event of a personal emergency. Property management and resident services staff work together to support families in working through difficult situations and brainstorming options and resources to assist the family. Our own staff of trained social workers are able to step in and help assess a situation and provide a bridge to the most helpful resources in the community.