Building Community. Inspiring Change.

Housing Catalyst transforms neighborhoods while providing stable homes for families. We know that building a better life and pursuing opportunity begins with having a place to live, and for more than 50 years, Housing Catalyst has provided thousands of families with affordable homes.

We strive to make living in Fort Collins affordable, regardless of income. And we are actively moving the region forward — on a deliberate path toward building vibrant communities.

As Fort Collins’ most established firm in affordable housing we have a long-term perspective that is invaluable in our industry. We pride ourselves on being a local nonprofit builder who invests all proceeds back into the local community.

Through our rental properties and housing programs, we assist more than 2,100 families (over 5,000 individuals) in Northern Colorado.

Our program and housing portfolio includes:
  • 1,169 Housing Choice Vouchers
  • 27 homes in Single Occupancy Residences (SRO)
  • 60 homes in Permanent Supportive Housing
  • 154 homes in Fort Collins supported by HUD’s public housing program
  • 42 homes in Wellington supported by HUD’s public housing program
  • 703 homes in the Villages apartment communities, created through a mix of local and state grants, low income housing tax credits and/or conventional financing

Housing Catalyst strives to offer more than just a place to live. In all that we do, we work to create communities built on a sense of pride and belonging.

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