Resident Services Coordinators are a “link” connecting residents to available services and existing resources in the Fort Collins community. They serve as advocates and liaisons, sharing residents’ experiences within their communities and bringing community resources to residents through onsite programs and events.

Goal of Resident Services

The goal of the Resident Services team is to assist residents by sharing community resource information. Our assistance is optional, and we do not force services or decisions on residents. We believe residents know best what will improve the quality of their lives.

How do Resident Services Coordinators help residents?

Resident Services Coordinators can:

  • Connect residents with resources that will support them in reaching their health, education, career, and financial goals
  • Host on-site events and workshops for residents to get to know their neighbors and learn new skills
  • Share opportunities for residents to get involved in their community and advocate for their needs
  • Offer guidance to families in finding childcare, supporting kids in school, and developing parenting skills
  • Help residents communicate with their property manager, utilities, community agencies, and other service providers
  • Provide a safe space for residents to share challenges and brainstorm solutions

Contact Us

To connect with a Resident Services Coordinator, please email [email protected].