About Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

PSH is an innovative program that combines affordable housing with supportive services to help people lead more stable lives. PSH targets people who are homeless, have one or more disabilities, experience multiple barriers to housing, and need supportive services. When people know they have a safe place to live and sleep, their mental health, physical health and other needs can finally be addressed.

The PSH model has been shown to save communities money by reducing costs to various public service systems, including health care and emergency services.

Mason Place

Mason Place reflects Housing Catalyst’s high quality design and commitment to sustainability in development. It provides 60 apartments and support services for people with a disability who are homeless. The best way to help end homelessness is by providing safe, affordable homes along with concentrated support services for the most vulnerable people in our community. This housing model has proven to be the most effective way to solve homelessness in cities throughout the country.

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Redtail Ponds

Redtail Ponds provides housing for a mix of incomes with its one and two bedroom apartments combined with onsite services to promote stability and independence. The community is designed to meet the special housing needs of formerly homeless individuals with disabilities and formerly homeless veterans.

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Permanent Supportive Housing around the U.S.

Permanent Supportive Housing programs across the country have shown that this approach is both cost effective and highly successful at keeping people off the streets.

Compilation of Supportive Housing Research