Partnership Objectives & Criteria

Housing Catalyst strives to increase the availability of affordable housing in and near the City of Fort Collins.

One way we do this is by partnering with others. Housing Catalyst brings many benefits to these partnerships, including fee waivers, low interest rate financing, tax exemption, affordable housing development, property management, and human services expertise.

Housing Catalyst will review requests with regard to our mission and prudently consider whether participation will strengthen a project without weakening our ability to further our core work.

For those wishing to apply for a partnership with us, our Partnership Objectives & Criteria list of the minimum criteria used for evaluation. Applications will be reviewed for potential partnerships with public, private, and/or nonprofit entities, as well as for housing development opportunities.

If the initial proposal meets minimum threshold criteria, and if Housing Catalyst has the capacity to become a partner in the proposed project, the applicant will later be asked to submit a full proposal for consideration by the Board of Commissioners.


Reach out to our Chief Real Estate Officer Kristin Fritz ([email protected]) to discuss prospective partnerships.