Public Housing

What if something breaks in my unit after hours or on a weekend and it’s an emergency?
Call the main number for the Maintenance Department. Someone will always answer the phone and help you with your problem.

What if I lose my job or something else happens and my income decreases substantially?
Contact your Program Manager and let them know about your changed circumstances. They will be able to give you direction on how your changed circumstances will affect your rent.

Are pets allowed in public housing?
Yes, pets are allowed but there are some restrictions. You should contact your Program Manager to get the information you need. You should do this before you get the pet.

Can I make alterations to my unit?
You should always check with the Maintenance Department or your Program Manager before making any alterations to your unit. Otherwise you could end up being in violation of your lease and also being charged to undo the alterations.

Housing Choice Vouchers

Can I move before my lease is up?
Unless you are the victim of domestic violence, you would need your landlord’s permission to move before your lease is up.

How much time do I have to look for a unit if I am moving?
Initially you would be issued a voucher good for 60 days. You can ask for an additional extension if you are looking and cannot find a place.

How much can I pay on a new unit?
You can pay up to 40% of your adjusted gross income on a unit when you first lease up. You’ll have to decide for yourself if going over your payment standard is a good idea.

How does Housing Catalyst set my payment standard?
We base its calculation of your payment standard using 100% of the Fair Market Rent (FMR) for Larimer County supplied by HUD. The bedroom size for your payment standard depends on your family size and composition.

What happens if I have changes in my family composition in between my annual certification?
You should contact your Housing Specialist. You will have to fill out some paperwork to add or remove members of your household. The bedroom size of your voucher may increase or decrease at your next annual certification because of the changes.