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Housing Catalyst

About Housing Catalyst

Housing Catalyst is a Fort Collins, mission-driven real estate developer that designs, builds and serves mixed-income communities in Northern Colorado. Holding ourselves to a higher standard, we’re reinventing how people access, experience and perceive affordable housing.

COVID-19 Updates

We are here for you – our community of residents, clients, partners and team members. For the health and safety of all, we have adjusted our operations. Link to information on our current operations    CLOSED to the Public Our offices are closed to public entry, but staff is still working behind the scenes to More...

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Myths and Stereotypes about Affordable Housing

MYTH: Affordable housing will drive down property values. REALITY: Repeated research has shown that affordable housing has no negative impact on the price or frequency of sales of neighboring homes. A recent study of four very-low-income family housing developments in suburban Chicago – Victorian Park in Streamwood, Liberty Lakes Apartments in Lake Zurich, Waterford Park More...

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Many Full-Time Workers Face Housing Affordability Problems

THE JCHS 2016 State of the Nation’s Housing report and accompanying webcast detailed how the private market is failing to supply housing that is affordable to lower-income households. Indeed, a National Low Income Housing Coalition report found that in 2014, for every 100 very low-income renters (those earning up to 50 percent of area median income) only More...

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A Snapshot of Housing Affordability for School Workers

FROM THE TEACHERS WHO ARE TASKED with educating a community’s children to the bus drivers who are responsible for safely transporting children to and from school, school employees are essential elements of every community across the country. Finding affordable housing near their workplaces remains a struggle for many of these school workers, who earn modest More...

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SURVEY: 75% of Americans Concerned About Losing Housing

With the August Jobs Report cited as the "worst month for job gains" of the year, The NHP Foundation, a not-for-profit provider of service-enriched affordable housing, polled 1000 Americans to gauge their feelings about housing and job security. The survey’s highlights include the following: 75% of Americans are concerned about losing housing. When asked how More...

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St. Louis school sees 90% of their students’ attendance increase because of washing machines

Anybody with kids and anybody without kids who doesn’t own a washing machine knows how much of a bummer washing clothes can be. It’s not cheap, it’s not usually convenient, and when you aren’t able to get clothing washed you can feel pretty awful about yourself. Former principal Dr. Melody Gibson at Gibson Elementary School More...

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Addressing Homelessness

How do the City of Fort Collins, Housing Catalyst and Homeward 2020 work together to address the complexities of homelessness in our community? Watch a 25-minute discussion on homelessness on Full Circle, the City’s sustainability program on Cable 14.

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