Health Links Success Story

Organizations can stall out when it comes to health and safety programs. Human Resource professionals are juggling countless priorities and can often only maintain a basic level for Total Worker Health® programs.

As Colorado’s leading Total Worker Health (TWH) advisors, one of the difference makers we see at Health Links® is when a company dives deep into its data. The organizations that support worker health, safety and well-being in alignment with the highest level of Healthy Workplace Certification use healthcare cost records and employee culture and satisfaction surveys as tools to inform their programs, policies and priorities. This attention to detail and extra dedication to thoughtful planning creates the best work environments for employees to thrive.

A Certified Healthy Workplace® Leader with Health Links, Housing Catalyst, dives deep to create a work environment where employees can thrive creatively and effectively. For more than 50 years, Housing Catalyst has addressed the growing need for affordable homes in Northern Colorado through innovative, sustainable, community-focused solutions. The agency develops and manages residential properties, administers housing assistance programs, and coordinates community programs and services.

Read the Health Links®:interview with Housing Catalyst’s Director of Talent Management and Employee Experience, Angelika Lintner:
Northern Colorado Housing Authority Dives Deeper into Worker Health, Safety and Well-being