I had to move away from home with little to no real-world experience. Although I have been adulting for many years since then, a lot of the opportunities that the JumpStart program offers, were never offered, or simply cost too much money for me to seek out. For these reasons, my computer skills are lacking, I know very little about budgeting money and/or the financial world in general or how to do my own taxes.

I chose to participate in the JumpStart program as an opportunity to reach some of these goals I once thought unattainable. I NEVER thought I would quit smoking. To be honest, at the time I set up the goal, I wasn’t even sure I really wanted to quit. However, since being in the program, I was introduced to resources I wasn’t aware of, such as the smoking cessation program. In my Jumpstart coordinator I found a friend and mentor, someone who has been one of my only sources of support. Together, with that support and the resources provided, I actually accomplished what was easily one of the most difficult things I have ever tried to do… I quit smoking.

So, whether it be something as simple as learning to balance your own checkbook, or something as difficult as quitting smoking, to anyone interested in joining the program, I strongly encourage you to do so. You have nothing to lose, and most certainly a world of opportunity and support to be gained.

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