Who is eligible for the Rental Assistance programs?

Please see the Eligibility Guidelines for Housing Choice Vouchers and Project-Based Vouchers. Income Requirements vary for each of the housing programs we administer. You will need to consult with a program specialist for details and requirements.

How do I apply?

We are currently not taking any applications for our rental assistance programs. If you would like to apply for an apartment at one of our Villages rental properties, first visit their website at Villages to see the list of vacancies.

What if I need a special unit or some other type of accommodation for my disability?

There is a place on the application for you to let us know that you will need some type of accommodation for your disability. You should also ask for a Reasonable Accommodation Request Form so that we can better understand exactly what your needs will be.

How long is the waitlist?

There is currently a 5 year wait for all housing assistance for one-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments. Your time on the waitlist will vary depending on the program you have applied for, the size of apartment that you need, your date of application and other eligibility.

How do I know if the waitlist is open?

Information on whether a waitlist is open or closed is posted on the website page that describes the Housing Choice Voucher and Project-Based Voucher programs.

What happens when I come to the top of the waitlist?

You will be contacted by mail and sent a packet of information and forms that you will need to fill out and return within two weeks. Once you have returned a completed packet you will be contacted for an appointment.

In order not to miss an opportunity when you come to the top of the waitlist, you should always keep us informed of any change of address or family status by filling out a Waitlist Change Form.