Dear Neighbors,

For more than fifty years, Housing Catalyst has been building community in Northern Colorado. We address the growing need for affordable homes through innovative, sustainable, community-focused solutions—developing and managing residential properties, administering housing assistance, and coordinating community programs and services.

As a mission-driven real estate developer with decades of experience in local housing development, we support the recently adopted City of Fort Collins Land Development Code. We urge residents not to sign the petition to repeal Ord. 114 and 115 and to get the facts about the new code at

Since the previous code was adopted in 1997, our community has grown and housing needs have changed. Housing Catalyst worked closely with the City of Fort Collins, community partners, and residents to provide input on the new Land Development Code and ensure it aligned with our mission to create vibrant, sustainable communities in Northern Colorado.

The new code supports housing affordability in several ways. Expanded and improved affordable housing incentives translate to cost efficiencies that allow developers like Housing Catalyst to build more homes that are affordable. Extending the affordability term from 20 years to 99 years ensures new homes will remain affordable through deed restriction. Allowing for more diverse housing choices increases affordable housing capacity by nearly 200%, from 1,590 homes to 4,600+ homes. Beyond affordability, the Land Development Code supports the City’s climate and transportation goals and helps build a more inclusive, accessible community.

We believe this thoughtfully-crafted code will move Fort Collins toward its housing affordability goals and provide more healthy, sustainable housing choices for all residents. We urge you NOT to sign the petition to repeal these ordinances.

You can learn more about the new Land Development Code at or on the City of Fort Collins website.


Julie Brewen
Housing Catalyst Chief Executive Officer

Kristin Fritz
Housing Catalyst Chief Real Estate Officer