OneVoice for Housing is a network of organizations and leaders supporting equitable housing policies in Fort Collins in pursuit of affordable housing for all. Together, OneVoice includes every major developer of permanently affordable housing in our community. We are housing experts, and we believe our combined voice adds value to the community.

We know that “home” is the foundation for building healthy, vibrant communities. We know that, when home is stable – when it’s affordable and healthy – people thrive, neighborhoods thrive, and cities thrive. Home is key.

Through education, action, and working together with residents, policy makers, and action takers, our goal is to change housing in Fort Collins so it’s affordable, sustainable, and equitable. Local land use regulations play an important role in advancing health and community well-being. Archaic zoning, including overly restrictive land use, and building requirements drive up the cost of home building thereby contributing to a shortage of affordable homes and limiting the number
of homes available.

Read One Voice for Housing’s full letter of support for adopting the Land Use Code.