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Vincent, 2023 JumpStart Graduate

I need to thank the JumpStart program and Housing Catalyst for all the guidance and resources that I was not aware were available to me. Without the help of April and Maggie, my two JumpStart Coordinators, and Housing Catalyst I would not be where I am today. Where I am today is a very More...

By |2023-04-14T15:31:26-06:00April 14th, 2023|JumpStart|0 Comments

Megan, 2022 JumpStart Graduate

I had to move away from home with little to no real-world experience. Although I have been adulting for many years since then, a lot of the opportunities that the JumpStart program offers, were never offered, or simply cost too much money for me to seek out. For these reasons, my computer skills are More...

By |2023-04-14T15:41:33-06:00April 14th, 2023|JumpStart|0 Comments
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