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The waiting list for Housing Choice Vouchers is currently CLOSED.

Re-certification Utility Allowance Worksheet

Please click here to get the current Recert Utility Allowance Worksheet for 10/2017-10/2018

Housing Choice Vouchers for People with Disabilities

75 applications were randomly selected for placement on a wait list for Housing Choice Vouchers for People with Disabilities.

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Only referrals from the Veterans Administration for VASH vouchers and referrals from Larimer County Human Services for FUP vouchers are still being accepted.

Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) provide rental assistance towards the cost of rent in the private rental market.

The HCV program provides quality rental housing for families, seniors and persons with disabilities who are earning incomes well below average. People who meet certain guidelines are given a housing voucher.The HCV Program allows eligible families to rent from any qualified private landlord who accepts rental assistance vouchers. Participants negotiate their own lease and Housing Catalyst pays a portion of their monthly rent directly to the property owner, based on their income and size of the household.

Rental assistance allows families & Individuals to redirect household income to education, healthcare, child rearing and other household expenses.

Project-Based Vouchers

The Project-Based Voucher Program is part of the HCV Program. These vouchers are for specific apartments within the Villages apartment communities.

The waiting list for Housing Choice Vouchers is currently CLOSED.

Housing Voucher Eligibility Guidelines

The combined income of the household cannot exceed the maximum income listed below.

Household Size                 Maximum Income

1 person                                              29,800
2 people                                              34,050
3 people                                              38,300
4 people                                              42,550
5 people                                              46,000
6 people                                              49,400
7 people                                              52,800
8 people                                              56,200

  • Applicants must meet citizenship or eligible immigration requirements.
  • Household members 18 years of age or older must have a background free of recent violent or drug-related criminal activity.
  • Household members may not owe money to another housing authority because of a previous tenancy.
  • Applicants must also pass the screening criteria of the landlord.

Participating Landlords

You may download our HCV Landlord List, containing landlords that may be willing to lease a unit to someone with a housing voucher. Please do not limit yourself to this list. This is for your reference only.